Best Corded Hedge Trimmers Of 2018

Best Corded Hedge Trimmers – 2018

Corded hedge trimmers no doubt are the most popular type of hedge trimmers among small to medium sized garden owners. Why? First and main reason, usually it is a lowest priced type of hedge trimmer (usually it’s price doesn’t exceed $100 even for a big brand model), but it is also very cheap to run. Second reason, it is also lightest type of a hedge trimmer because it doesn’t require neither attached battery (that sometimes can easily be a quarter of overall hedge trimmer’s weight) nor full tank of gas that would obviously add some weight to a tool, so you can even use it with fully stretched arms. Third, because of low noise level you can easily be using it even early on the weekend without messing things up with your neighbors.

All hedge trimmer in this post have one thing in common: all of them are corded electric trimmers. But some of them will fit some purposes better then another ones. So I think it would be appropriately to to separate them in few different categories.

Overall Best Corded Hedge Trimmer : Black+Decker HT22, 22″

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In my opinion this trimmer can be called “the golden mean” of corded electric hedge trimmers. 22 inch blade is not to short even when doing a 7 foot tall hedges, at the same time it’s not too long when maintaining your geometrically perfect conifer cones or buxus balls. Paired up with 4.0 Amp electric motor this trimmers shows impressive 3400 cutting strokes per minute that will let you make clean, perfect cuts every time. Weighting just 5.7 pounds mean you can easily be swinging it for a quite long period of time, and even be using it above your head. 5.7 pounds are also making it one of the lightest in it’s class. Black+Decker also offers an HT model with 18 and 20 inch blades called HT18 and HT20 respectively. But as I said several times in my previous reviews, in my opinion 22inch blade is an optimal length for a DIY hedge trimming.

Best Alternative: Toro 51490 Corded 22-inch Corded Hedge Trimmer

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Toro is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment. And spent quite a bit of time deciding which of this contestants will take “Best Overall” positions and which will be an “Alternative”. But thing like a weight (5.7 pound weighting Black+Decker against Toro’s 6.3 pounds) and difference in price of $10 has left Toro without “Overall Best Corded Hedge Trimmer” trophy. Rest of the specs are pretty much same. Both Toro and Black+Decker have 22inch blade, 4.0Amp electric motor and wrap-around front handle. So if out first contestant isn’t in stock or you prefer something else but Black+Decker, Toro 51490 will make a great alternative.

 Best Price Corded Hedge Trimmer: Greenworks 22122 4Amp 22 in. Dual Action Electric Hedge Trimmer

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Ever wondered how cheap can it be to do your own hedges? Here’s a great example, corded hedge trimmer with 22 inch long dual action blades, 4Amp electric motor, cushioned wrap-around front handle, rotating rear handle, transparent hand guard and all of that for just little bit over $35. You might ask  “If this hedge trimmer has same features that trimmers mentioned above, and is about $20 cheaper than they are, why it didn’t become an “Overall Best” or at least it’s “Best Alternative”?” Well, Greenworks is a rapidly developing company, and soon will get it’s well deserved place between leaders of the power/garden tools market. But at this point there are some questions about build quality and reliability of some products.  But I have to admit that you won’t find anything closely matching unless it is another Greenworks product.

Best Alternative: Black+Decker TR116 3Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer 16-inch

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Even it’s $5 cheaper than Greemworks, I didn’t give this hedge trimmer the “Best Price Corded Hedge Trimmer” title, because Greenworks hedge trimmer has outplayed Black+Decker in every parameter except weight. But the reason Black+Decker is lighter is only because it’s blade is 6 inch shorter and smaller engine, so can’t even call it a win. But to be completely fair, Black+Decker TR116 is your chance to buy a fully functional corded hedge trimmer from well known brand for a price of a shears.

Longest Blade Corded Hedge Trimmer: Makita UH6570 25-Inch Corded Hedge Trimmer

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Coincidentally our our longest blade corded hedge trimmer is also the most expensive one on the list. But this definitely not the case when you’re just paying for a brand’s name. Makita is well-known for producing both corded and cordless tools that are very popular among professional tradesman and DIY enthusiasts. This corded Makita hedge trimmer is equipped with 25inch long, dual action double sided blade that is paired with 4.6Amp electric motor. This combination will make every cut sharp and smooth all along a length of the blade. Also this hedge trimmer is equipped with mechanical clutch that will prevent gear damage in case if blades jams. Buying a long bladed hedge trimmer is advisable if you have to cut many flat sided hedges that are not much higher than your head. Those few extra inches will save your priceless time as you’ll take more greenery off the hedge every time your swing your trimmer.

Best Alternative: Doeworks 4.5Amp Corde Electric Hedge Trimmer, 25Inch Dual Steel Blade

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One of very few affordable alternatives to Makita 25Inch hedge trimmer, that has a same blade length and insignificantly less powerful electric motor (4.5Amp against Makita’s 4.6Amp). Cons of this hedge trimmer are absence of wrap-around handle and as it usually happens with small/young brands there often are many questions about build quality and tools reliability. At the same time, price of this hedge trimmer is 3(!!!) times lower than Makita’s and here your have to choose between high price for something that will most likely last for ages, or to save  two thirds of the price and be hoping for a best.

Longest Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer: Doeworks 4Amp 2 in 1 Multi-Angle Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, 18Inch Dual Steel Blade

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In case if you got many tall hedges or shrubs in your garden and you don’t want to be standing on a tall wobbly step ladder, then pole hedge trimmer is a right choice for you. This Doesworks corded hedge trimmer can be extended up to 9ft. So Including your own height it will let you trim hedges up to 12-14ft high without climbing a step ladder. With it’s pole fully folded you can still be using it like a regular hedge trimmer on shrubs of any sizes. In the beginning you may get a bit skeptical about the length of the blade. As it’s only 18Inch, when most of the hedge trimmers are presented with 22Inch and longer blades. But those are regular hedge trimmer that you don’t swing on 9ft above your head. So reasonably light 18Inch long blade is a blessing when it comes to high hedge trimming, and 4Amp electric motor (which is usually used for much longer blades) will make sure all the cuts are clean even at the highest point.

Best Alternative: Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded 2 in 1 Pole Hedge Trimmer/Handheld Hedge Trimmer 18Inch Blade, 4.5 Amp Motor

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In case with corded pole hedge trimmers, “Best Alternative” that I chose is more expensive than hedge trimmer that is submitted above. Earthwise is slightly behind Doeworks because of it’s price – it’s about $30 more expensive, and in length – Earthwise is 4Inch shorter than Doesworks when fully extended. Apart from that Earthwise is ahead – it’s electric motor is more powerful – 4.5Amp against 4.0Amp. It worth recalling that such a powerful electric motors are usually used on much heavier and longer 22-25Inch bladed hedge trimmers, so you’ll never experience a lack of power with Earthwise’s light and short 18Inch blades. And definitely biggest advantage of this hedge trimmer is fact, that in just few clicks it can be reassembled into simple handheld hedge trimmer. So technically you’re buying two types of hedge hedge trimmers that will let you trim anything from a smallest shrubs in your garden to 13ft tall hedges. Sounds like a great deal.

Most Powerful Corded Hedge Trimmer: Remington RM5124TH Dual Action 5Amp 25Inch Electric Corded Trimmer With Titanium Blades

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Remington RM5124TH is clearly the most powerful hedge trimmer on this list. Equipped with 5Amp electric motor and 24Inch long blades it will deliver smooth and stable power, whether you’re trimming shrubs that are not too woody or reducing neglected, woody hedge. Also, it should be noted that Remington with it’s nearly 100 years history, has it’s own way of doing things. You just won’t find another brand that offers as a titanium coated blades to maximize durability and its cutting performance for a very long period of time. 180 Degree rotating handle will be perfect for both – hedge cutting or trimming mid-sized sculpture-like shrubs.

Best Alternative: Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded 2 in 1 Pole Hedge Trimmer/Handheld Hedge Trimmer 18Inch Blade, 4.5 Amp Motor

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It may look like a typo that this corded pole hedge trimmer from previous category is also featured here. But, power of a hedge trimmer is not just about numbers that are shown by electric motor. Another important factor is a length of a blade that has to electric motor is attached to. Longer blade – more weight to be moved, more of a blade surface is touching each other so it’s more resistance that motor has to confront. Obviously, if blade is shorter those figures goes down and it’s much easier for engine to perform. This particular hedge trimmer is equipped with 4.5Amp motor to avoid lack of power when you are cutting high above your head. But with it’s ability to be reassembled into a handheld trimmer we are getting a 18Inch bladed trimmer with 4.5Amp motor that is way more powerful than any other corded hedge trimmer. 18Inch long bladed hedge trimmers are rarely equipped with anything more than 3.5Amp motor. So this hedge trimmer definitely has a highest blade length/power ratio, but unfortunately lack of wrap-around handle and facts that is has a pole extension (especially if you don’t really need one) held it from winning in this category.

Hopefully this post will help you to choose a right corded hedge trimmer for your needs, please do not hesitate to ask your questions or to share your opinion in Comment area below. Some of those themes may become a main subject of my next post.

How To Choose The Best Hedge Trimmer – 2018

How to choose a hedge trimmerMany of us face a choice of a hedge trimmer at some point of our life. It can be seasonal hedge trimming in your own garden, end-of-tenancy garden clearing, help to your grandma or simply upgrade from shears to an engine powered hedge trimmer. And after quick research you’re  like a kid in the candy store, facing different price/shape/length/type of power hedge trimmers. This guide is made to simplify your choice, helping you to choose right hedge cutter for your needs without trowing money away for a features you won’t even use.

It’s few main factors  you have to keep in mind when buying a hedge trimmer:

  • How tall are your hedges? Are you OK to work on the step ladder?
  • How far are they from the nearest electricity access point? Will it be possible to stretch an extension lead?
  • How many shrubs/hedges are there to cut? How long will it take?
  • How neglected are those hedges? Will you have to cut through thick branches?

Motive Power Of Hedge Trimmer

There are 3 main types of hedge trimmers – corded electric trimmers, cordless electric trimmers and gas powered trimmers. Each of those types has it’s Pros and Cons. One can be more appropriate to use in some particular case, at the same time it will be easily outplayed in different conditions. Let’s have a look at them:


corded lectrick hedge trimmerCorded Electric Trimmer – This type of hedge trimmers will perfectly suit small to medium sized garden with shrubs located not to far away from a house or any other source of electricity. Usually this is the cheapest and lightest type of hedge trimmer because is doesn’t require attached battery or full tank of gasoline. Also electric engine is much lighter than gas powered, but of course is doesn’t produce same amount of power. On the other hand you will constantly have to check position of the electric cable to avoid cutting it.



cordless electric hedge trimmerCordless Electric Trimmer – This type of hedge trimmers can be used even in farthest corners of your big garden. Of course you will have an absolute freedom of movement and you won’t need to be worried about accidentally cutting the cable, but battery’s lifetime usually is very limited (even for top of the range models it rarely exceed 1 hour) and it usually take good few hours to charge an average lithium-ion battery. So if you are sure that battery’s lifetime will exceed a time that is required to cut your hedges, this is an absolute gold.


Tip: Many gardening and power tool manufacturers are now offering fast battery chargers that have shown in practice that they are able to charge one battery during the lifetime of the same battery. More info about it you can get from my recent Black+Decker LHT2220 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review.


Gas Powered Trimmer – as well as cordless electric trimmer you have a freedom to move and ability to use it in a garden of absolutely any size, and with gas powered cutter you also can do it for pretty much unlimited amount of time as most of the trimmers don’t even need a brake by the end of each tank of gas. Gas powered trimmers are usually most powerful type of hedge cutters that will definitely come in handy when cutting thick branches of hedges that were neglected for a while. But if you are planning to buy yourself a hedge trimmer from a well known brand you have to be ready to pay for it.


Types Of Hedge Trimmers

As well as motion power, hedge trimmers can be divided into 3 main groups by shape and purpose of them.


One Handed Hedge Trimmer – Usually those are cordless electric trimmers, that were designed to be used by holding them in one hand. This type of hedge trimmer will suit you if you got really small hedges, shrubs or little fancy shaped bushes to cut. Low weight and ability to hold it in one hand will let you to perform like a pro on small buxus, privets or any similar small leafed shrubs. Because those little blades doesn’t require big engine and much energy to move them, even little 3.6V lithium-ion battery would be enough to have 40 minutes to 1 hour work time.

Pros – Low weight and are very easy to use. Most of one handed hedge trimmers can be turned into lawn edge shears by changing it’s blades.

Cons – Pretty useless on big shrubs and hedges.

Few examples from

MLG Tools ET1205 $27 Sun Joe HJ602C $25 Sun Joe HJ604C BLACK+DECKER GSL35 $38

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Regular Hedge Trimmer – Classic hedge trimmer as we all are used to. Requires two hands to operate with blade that can be anything between 18 and 40 inches. They can have single or double sided blades as well as single or double action blades, be with or without catcher plate, rotating rear handle etc. Pretty multi-purpose tool that will let you to cut small, medium or even large hedges or shrubs if you don’t mind to be standing on the top of the ladder.

Pros – Can be used for pretty much any type of hedge cutting.

Cons – Good and reliable hedge trimmer can also be quite expensive.

Few examples from

BLACK+DECKER HT22 $50 BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 $90 DEWALT DCHT820P1 $180 Husqvarna 966532302 $280

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Long Reach Hedge Trimmer – In case if you got really tall hedges, then long reach hedge trimmer is what you need. Of course you can always use classic hedge trimmer and a step ladder, buy safest way is to be standing with your feet on the ground. There are 3 most popular types of long reach hedge trimmers, ones with constant length of a shaft, extendable shaft and ones with ability to put additional bit of shaft. On most of them you can also change the angle between blade and shaft. Most of petrol long reach trimmers will also let you to change a hedge trimmer bit to string trimmer, blade brushcutter or even long reach chainsaw bit. Usually it’s much cheaper to get such a set of tools then buying them separately.

Pros – Ability to cut tall hedges while standing on the ground safely. When buying a petrol long reach you can have a great deal on whole set of garden tools.

Cons – Trickier to use than classic hedge cutter.

Few examples from

GARCARE $90 Greenworks 22272 $115 PROYAMA 42.7CC $259 Sun Seeker 26cc $200

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Hedge trimmer buying F.A.Q.

Q: How much does is cost to buy a hedge trimmer?

A: It really depends on what type of hedge trimmer does your garden require and how much are you ready to spend on it. For example corded electric hedge trimmer would cost something between $30 and $100, at the same time gasoline powered one will rarely be under $150 but can easily go over $700.


Q: Do I need any additional equipment for hedge cutting?

A: There are two things I would highly recommend you to get together with a hedge trimmer, safety goggles/glasses/visor (especially is cutting through dead or dry wood), pair of gloves and ear plugs/earmuffs if you got a petrol trimmer. Steel toe boots would also be great thing to have, but least thing you can do to protect your feet is not to wear flip flops whilst operating a hedge trimmer.  This list can also be extended by protective trousers (which can cost you as much as a decent corded electric trimmer itself) and anti vibration gloves, but how tight your budget wouldn’t be, please don’t skip first two things on this list.


Q: Which is better Gasoline or Electric powered hedge trimmer?

A: It’s absolutely up to you. If your hedges are far away from a nearest source of electricity you can use gasoline powered trimmer of be using really long extension leads (possibly few plugged one into another). Second option is less time effective but more environment friendly. So it’s all about your priorities.


Q: Which hedge trimmer brand to buy?

A: Every brand has it’s ups and down. For example when I’m buying a hedge trimmer for myself I usually have to choose between Husqvarna’s lower weight or Stihl’s resistance to bad quality/wrong mixed gasoline. And because I’m using it on daily basis it’s not about money at all. But remember that if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly. Paying a bit extra for Makita or DeWalt electric hedge cutter will give you that extra “peace of mind” by knowing that you don’t have to buy a new hedge cutter every time you decide to cut your hedges.


Q: When is the best time to cut hedges?

A: Most of the hedge requires at least two cuts a year. I’m trying to make first cut of the year before birds start actively nesting (never later than second week of March) and second cut is usually carried not earlier than October. Some maintenance cuts can be done between two main ones, but always make sure there are no occupied nests inside the hedge.

Black+Decker LHT2220 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

black+decker lht2220 20v

Black+Decker LHT2220 is not expensive, reasonably powerful and easy to use hedge trimmer. It will help you with seasonal  hedge trimming or keeping your fancy shaped shrubs in good state year-round. In this review I’ll mention few topics such as technical features, ergonomy, pros and cons of this particular hedge trimmer and of course will do it as honestly as hedge trimmer review

Key Features:

“22-inch dual-action blades cut branches with 40 percent less vibration”

22 inch an optimal length for domestic hedge trimmer blades. Longer blades means more overall hedge cutters weight and more friction between the blades, that will decrease battery’s lifetime.  And in case with Black+Decker LHT2220 you can easily be using it with completely stretched arms because it weights only 5.7 pounds with attached battery. But if height of the hedge exceeds your own height and for some reason you don’t want to use step ladder, you’ll get better results with one of Long Reach Hedge Trimmers, and will also avoid money wasting and disappointment. Vibration is certainly reduced compare with an older and single action blade models. But if this particular feature is important for you because of vibration sensitivity of joint conditions, you can also try using vibration reducing gloves to eliminate any vibration that is produced by this hedge hedge cutter review

(Check The Range Of The Anti-Vibration Gloves At By Pressing Here)

“20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery provides longer battery life year after year”

How weird it wouldn’t sound, but batteries are at the same time biggest advantage and disadvantage of electric cordless hedge trimmers. It certainly giving you complete freedom of movement around the garden, but by the end of battery charge you will have to put your cutter on hold for few hours, whilst you neighbor be still cutting his hedges with his corded cutter. But it’s entirely about what you prefer the most- charging the battery of fixing the cables that you cut through. During the tests, Black+Decker LHT2220 with a 20v battery showed us between 30 and 40 minutes (but never less than 30) of non stop running time after a full charge. Of course, during that time you’ll have sip of water, walk from one bush to another, some time to rake what you just cut (and this usually takes longer than cutting), and even a little brake, so real work time will double or even triple up. But if you assume that your hedges are going to take longer to cut than life time of one battery, then additional battery and fast charger are an absolute must have. Fast charger is made to recharge your battery in 45 minutes or less against 3 to 4 hours with a standard charger. Having those will give you a feeling of operating a gas powered trimmer whilst making ways less noise and decker 20v battery

(Click Here For A Set Of Additional 20V Batteries Or Here For Black+Decker 20v Fast Charger)

“Up to 3000 square feet of actual hedges trimmed per charge”

The most questionable statement here. It really depends on what sort of hedge it is, what shape it is, what height it is and of course how overgrown it is. So simple “30-40 cutting minutes per charge” would be more appropriate.

“Quick cuts branches up to 3/4-inch thick”

Another questionable statement which i can not leave without a comment. Undoubtedly hedge cutter is able to cut 3/4-inch thick branch, but doing it with hardish wood hedges as evergreen oak, beech, holly or even overgrown elaeagnus hedge will bend both blades and and over wear blade spacers which makes both blades detached. As a result you get a hedge cutter that is “chewing” small branches and leaving high percent of bad cuts. So if you see that you’ll have quite a few thick branches to cut, I would highly recommend you to get a garden lopper. You can get good quality lopper with cutting capacity of 2-inch for only under $25, but it will save you ways more on servicing or even buying new hedge trimmer every season.fiskars lopper

(Click Here For One Great Under $20 Lopper)

“Wraparound handle allows multiple gripping positions”

Absolutely nothing to add here, this grippy and well designed handle will allow you to do any sort of trimming. Cutting a vertical surface, tops of the hedges or doing your fancy shaped bushes where rapid and smooth change of angle is very important, this handle will let you do it all. black+decker hedge trimmer handle

“Weighs 5.7 pounds”

Possibly lightest hedge trimmer in this segment of the market, as I didn’t find any 22-24inch cordless hedge trimmer lighter than this. In most of the occasions you wouldn’t even spot a difference between 5 and 6 or 6 and 7 pounds. But after you swung those pounds in the air for hour or two you’ll understand why exactly this feature of the hedge cutter is so important.

Pros and Cons


  • User friendly – Low weight, front hand guard to reduce the risk of injury, grippy wraparound handle. All these features will let you get the results you desire even without much experience.
  • Price – Under 100 bucks for an opportunity to keep you shrubs in shape yourself and no need to call gardening company to do that, this hedge cutter pays itself fairly quick.
  • Battery – Simple and quick battery replacement. Choice of 20V cordless tools in Black+Decker range will let you get you next DIY tool saving up to 3/4 of the price as batteries are interchangeable.
  • Vibration – Much less vibration compare to the older version. Your joints will appreciate that.
  • No sticking out blades – On some hedge trimmers, even commercial ones, blades are alternately sticking out on the front end of the bar, which makes it dangerous to work around windows, glasshouses etc. This trimmer has doesn’t have such a problem.


  • Battery’s Lifetime – Lifetime of the 20v battery with this particular trimmer is between 30 and 40 minutes after full charge. I will not be an issue with a small garden. With a medium size garden there is a risk of being stuck in the middle of the process. But as I wrote above this can be easily solved by getting an additional battery and quick charger which also be useful with other 20v cordless Black+Decker tools.
  • Front Hand Guard – Front hand guards existence is definitely a major asset. But on this particular model is quite fragile and easy to brake.



Overall Black+Decker LHT2220 is a good little hedge trimmer for price/quality ratio. Obviously it won’t be any good to set your own gardening company, but will definitely let you keep your own garden nice and tidy. Yet with additional battery and quick charger this affordable thing has a right to be in top 3 cordless electric hedge trimmers. After trying this cordless trimmer you won’t get back to endless cable extension and cable cutting.